Content Marketing Templates for Instagram Stories coming this week!

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Instagram Content Marketing Templates


What People are Saying

Beautiful simplicity and style! Absolutely love the design and content. Extremely easy to use. Looking forward to buying more and working with Angela.

Wanda Williams

I am new to IG and tried a few different things to make my feed look visually pleasing and professional to highlight my content. I really tried. It looked sloppy and unprofessional. I'm SO thrilled I found this template from Angela Simone. They are BEAUTIFUL! There are a TON to choose from... I'm SO grateful. Amazing product.

Nicole McGuffin

Super nice organized, super easy to customize, A LOT of perfect quotes saving a LOT of time for any busy entrepreneur/designer.

Lulia Ghevrea

I really enjoy in making my Instagram page content into Instagram Content Marketing Templates. These templates completely fit into the theme of my page and make it visually more beautiful.

Jelica Nikolic

I love these quotes and they are beautiful.....I have added them as inspirational quotes in my instagram ❤️

Christina Hernandez

This pack was so easy to use and download to my Canva account, and had no issues whatsoever - everything was done in less than 15 minutes. Thanks for making such beautiful instagram quotes pack, my IG branding is about to get lit!!! Thanks again, and keep up the great work :)

Freda M

I love the simplicity and creativity of this product.

Caroline Bellanger

THIS MAKES LIFE SO EASY! I took a short bit to tweak the templates to my colours and fonts in Canva, and have been able to batch gorgeous branded content SO QUICKLY. I get a lot of compliments on my Insta feed and so much of it is using assets from Angela Simone, customized to my aesthetic. I have a big voice and a lot to say, and having these templates makes it easier to create more content because I'm investing the time I would have spent on design into serving my people.

Seryna Myers

This was so easy to use - spent 15 minutes clicking links and copying a file in canva and now they are all mine! Easy to edit the colour in the pics too. Well worth the investment! Saved me a ton of time and adds a lot of class to my IG presence!

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